The big difference between a Blackman and a N*gga clearly defined...

Let’s be clear: There are millions of black people who’ve been taught to believe that they are n*ggers.

If you don’t believe me, just listen to the radio and count the number of times you hear "I’m a n*gga in Paris.” Of course statements like “I’m a thug n*gga,” “I’m a rich n*gga,” we can make the distinction between the ending with an “a” and the ending with “er,” and that distinction does matter, to a point.

But what is also true is that even ending the word with an “a” still means that you may have been tempted to adopt specific, self-destructive behavioural patterns consistent with your “Badge of N*gga Honor”.

For the purposes of this article, I’ll use the “er” ending, since that’s how I wrote it in the original piece. We can debate the “a” vs. “er” ending at a later date.

I am going to focus this article on men, but here’s another thing to remember: To be a full fledge n*gger (or n*gga), gender is irrelevant.

You can be male, female or even tran$gender. The key is that you are fully indoctrinated into every type of brainwashing that the white man has made available to you.

You can get n*gger-training from your friends, your family or even your local radio station. America’s Army of N*ggers is growing daily, and they’re always looking for a few good c00ns.

So, if you are wondering what a black man looks like when he has not yet been transformed into a n*gger, here are some differences you’ll want to keep in mind:

1) A black man prides himself on seeking knowledge and education, even if he doesn't have much to begin with. A n*gger just loves being ignorant and might think it’s OK to be illiterate since he knows how to dribble a basketball.

2) A black man saves and invests money to build wealth for his family, he might even start his own business. A n*gger will brag to you about how he spent $1,000 at the club last night and will often be seen throwing money in the air. He also makes fun of the black man with his own business because the big white corporation has given him a fancy job with a big office so he can live paycheck-to-paycheck until he cries raci$m after being downsized.

3) A black man supports black – owned companies so they can create jobs for other black people. A n*gger thinks black businesses are second-rate and would much rather spend his money on a $200 pair of Air Jordans at Foot Locker.

4) A black man takes care of his children, providing them with the love, guidance and support they need. A n*gger doesn’t know his kids’ middle names, doesn't plan for their future and doesn't even know who is taking care of them. A niggerette doesn’t want the child’s father in his life, and lets any old man into her house so he can molest her kids when she’s not looking.

5) A black man tries to live a productive lifestyle and avoid incarceration if possible. If he is incarcerated, he uses this experience to gain a chance for redemption and an opportunity to help other young men learn from his mistakes. A n*gger thinks that going to jail is a badge of honor, never learns from his mistakes and is happy to see his mama go broke bailing him out every time he does something stupid.

6) A black man is somewhat disciplined about his sexual choices. If he likes the ladies, he at least tries to respect the women he interacts with and tries to be responsible about his health. A n*gger just wants to have a “flock of hoes” and hasn’t been tested for an STD in the last 14 years. His pen!s is like a water gun, spraying fire at any working v@gina within a 100 mile radius.

7) A black man, despite his mistakes, seeks to grow as a person and become more responsible. A n*gger has no concern about living in his mama’s basement and assumes that somebody else is going to take care of the kids he’s making every year. Condoms don’t exist in the mind of a true n*gger.

8) A black man pulls up his pants and at least tries to live a life of dignity, even if he is dead broke. A n*gger is forever sagging, even at the age of 35.

9) A black man is willing to take up arms to defend his community. A n*gger will take up arms to go k!ll another n*gger.

10) A black man will recite hip-hop lyrics that speak on how brilliant, proud and powerful, strong and intelligent he is, as well as the richness of black history. A n*gger will recite lyrics bragging about how he’s high and sloppy drunk all the time and glad to get behind the wheel while he does it.

11) The black man may want to study at Howard University or Morehouse College and learn about the greatness of his people. The n*gger presumes he’s far better off at Harvard or Yale, since everything white is better. He also thinks everything good was invented by a white man.

12) Although he may sometimes date outside his race, the black man exalts and appreciates the beauty of black women. The n*gger explains to you why he only wants to date white women because they will give him pretty kids with good hair.

13) A black man is, quite simply, a MAN: He stands up against raci$m, protects those that he loves, and is a block of power on which you build strong communities. A n*gger is both a little boy and the one who thinks that the black man I’ve just described is “acting white.” He also is the one who will read this article and say that I’m being “uppity” for even mentioning the ideas of black self-reliance and personal responsibility. In fact, he’s complaining on my Facebook page right now.

On a serious note: The truth is that we’re not perfect. Most of us have been infected with the N*gger-virus on some level, myself included. It’s all rooted in slavery, which affects us till this day. But we’d be id*iots not to realize how this flawed and destructive thinking is ruining our communities and keeping us enslaved. Also, as much as people might want to read a polite, politically-correct article that makes everyone feel good, the truth is that times are too serious for us to bullsh*t one another.

At this point in our history, we have two choices: Either strengthen ourselves or perish. The Democrats don’t love you, the Republicans want to see you dead, the school systems want to keep your children stup*d, white people aren’t going to ever give you enough good jobs, and the prison industrial complex sees your sons as a source of highly-profitable food. If we do not hunker down and protect ourselves and our families, we will continue to be the class clowns of American society.

Part of the Financial Juneteenth/New Paradigm Concept is to help all of us heal from the ways of thinking that hold us back so we can take on new approaches to life that will allow us to live as free and empowered human beings. So, I didn't write this article for everyone, I only wrote it for my fellow Runaway Sl@ves, who are tired of living on somebody else’s plantation. I wrote this for black people who aren’t afraid to stand up to the n*ggers and tell them that “we’re not going to let you destroy our community.” Our revolution must begin with the mind and we must protect our children from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

It’s really that simple.

WRITER: Dr. Boyce Watkins who is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition.