eShun ft. Cabum - Simple As ABC (Official Music Video)...

Artiste: eShun (Ghana/GH)

Music Video Title: "Simple As ABC" featuring Cabum

Video Directed By: Eddie Kay Mensah

Song Composed By: Senyo and eShun

Record Label: Quophimens Musiq

The perfect love story - The son of a Hilife legend, Cabum da Chedeshi and Africa’s Next Biggest Legend in the making, eShun stir up all kinds of emotions as they say those sweet three words "I love you” in public and don't even care who's listening!

There is a blend of urban substance and indigenous culture embedded within the rhythm, clarity in diction and message. The song composed by Senyo and eShun in English interspersed with few lines of Ga and Ewe with Cabum hitting the perfect rap verse to complement the song in Twi.