LeBron James adds fuel to feud with UCLA star's dad...

Of the many feuds that LaVar Ball has found himself embroiled in — some all in good fun, some more serious — there is one that he cannot win. That one is his feud with LeBron James.

The beef began when LaVar, out of nowhere, unleashed one of his many hot takes: That LeBron’s kids will struggle to deal with the pressure of living up to their father.

It was part of a broader take that superstar athlete dads don’t raise superstar athlete children. LeBron wasn’t happy that his name was brought into it.

“Keep my kids’ name out of your mouth, keep my family out of your mouth,” James said.

Thursday evening, LeBron added another chapter to the feud. Or at least he might have. You decide for yourself:

A crucial aspect of the potential shot at Lonzo’s shooting form is LeBron’s smile after the release (skip ahead to the 10 second mark of the video):

We have no way to tell why LeBron put up pregame shots like this, and if he’s asked about it, James will likely flash a cheeky smile and play it off as nothing to do with Lonzo Ball’s awkward shooting form. But is this shade?

C’mon. Yes. Of course it is. This is classic LeBron shade. James ranks top two in the NBA in pettiness. This is petty LeBron at his best.

LeBron is a terrible matchup for LaVar in the world of back-and-forth beefs. LeBron had his initial say.

He will likely ignore, and remain unperturbed by, anything else LaVar says. But he’s petty enough to take veiled shots back at LaVar — and perhaps now at his sons.

We’ll see if this draws any response from LaVar.

---Yahoo Sports