Ghanaian football fans in Brazil abscond to the USA...

The days of football fans trying to reach the United States Of America illegally does not look to see an end to it. (William Ezah, GNA Special Correspondent, Natal, Brazil) reports the following.

Natal, Brazil, June 21, GNA – An undisclosed number of football fans are reported to have absconded from the Ghana camp in Natal in an attempt to reach the United States of America (USA) in search of greener pastures. 

Information gathered by the GNA Sports, reveals that some of the fans packed bags and baggage and left the camp after the Ghana-USA match last Monday.

According to the information, the fans left the camp with the aid of some agents in Brazil, having been promised an easy route to the USA through Nicaragua and Mexico.

The situation has compelled officials to conduct a registration of fans at the camp and checks from the registration desk at the camp reveals that, about 450 fans have been registered out of the 610 fans who arrived earlier.

However, an official told the GNA Sports that, people were still registering hence they could not conclude that over 200 fans have absconded.

He however added that, some fans have relocated to the central city and will return to the camp.

Chief Superintendent Naa Hamza Yakubu, Head of Security Task Force at the camp confirmed to the GNA Sports that, he had received information to that effect and they were investigating the matter.

He however noted some of the fans have also relocated because of the location of the camp and will return to the camp when the team is about leaving for Ghana.

He however expressed worry over the desire of the youth to seek greener pastures through such means.