Funny: I called Balotelli for a meeting, he went to the Formula 1 - Jose Mourinho...

The Chelsea boss recalls his "funny problems" in dealing with the unpredictable striker during their spell together at Inter, admitting that he "had to laugh" at his antics

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has revealed that Mario Balotelli once skipped a meeting with him at Inter in order to attend a Formula 1 event.

The Portuguese worked with the Liverpool striker during their time together at San Siro between 2008 and 2010, and though the Italian was unpredictable, Mourinho has fond memories of his "funny problems".

The coach has previously said that he could write a book about his dealings with Balotelli and told BT Sportthat it would be "a funny book, a good book!"

"[Balotelli was a] nice kid, in my time, needed support, needed the older players to support him because it's not good when that educational relationship is just between the manager and the player," he said in an interview to be broadcast on Christmas Day.

"I always think that it's important that the people surrounding you help the manager in that process.

"We had funny problems. I told him to be at 2pm in my office for a meeting and, when I called him, he'd gone to the Formula 1 qualification on the Saturday for the race on Sunday.

"He said: 'Meetings in your office I can have every day but to see the Formula 1 is only once a year in Italy'. This is a funny situation. A couple of days later I had to laugh."