Do you remember this man? Just read on...

The Ahafo Ano South District Chief Executive (DCE), Gabriel Barima who was removed from office following his not too complimentary comments during a public engagement, is reported to have been handed a reprieve and reinstated.

Gabriel Barima who is famed for popularising the "Tweaa" rebuff that also saw him ran into trouble with his employers, was yet to receive letters confirming his reinstatement from the Local Government Ministry as at the time of filing this report. 

Accra-based Citi FM Friday afternoon said the embattled DCE personally confirmed his return but insisted he was awaiting the official notification.

Mr Barima was dismissed after he was seen in a video fuming over what he claimed was an antagonistic reproach by an unidentified person but whom he considered was not his equal.

He was in the middle of an address at a public forum as part of activities to mark an end of year programme for the District Health Directorate at Mankranso, and out of anger, abandoned the ceremony and departed.

A video of him throwing tantrums went viral on social media, causing a national outrage at how Mr Barima acted.

The government cautioned him for the conduct after he expressed remorse but after further investigations into the matter, the "tweaa DCE" as he had become known, was dismissed.