Stop Calling Me A Fool - President Mahama...

President Mahama has called for a stop to criticisms of insult and vilification in the country.

He says constructive criticism is the way to go instead of just raining insults and sometimes unjustified wild allegations. 

"If you want to criticize the President, do so, but it makes it easier for the President to ingest your criticism if you don't say the President is 'aboa' or 'kwasia' meaning animal or fool. Criticize politely and civilly".

The President said this at a special Presidential Thanksgiving Service held in his honour at the Cedar Mountain Chapel, a branch of Assemblies of God, Ghana.

The occasion was to celebrate the goodness of God for the election petition victory and the peace in the country.

According to the first gentleman of the land, constructive criticism rather tends to get people like himself to understand and may be agree with the perspective of the critic.

"Indeed you win a person over when you criticize him in a way that makes the criticism easy to ingest," he observed.

One of the roles of the media is to serve as the society, but President Mahama was not too sure if the media in Ghana as on this trajectory.
"The media must help to make society go forward and not make it go back", he opined.

SOURCE: The Independent