I will crush my 'showa' and manhood if John Mahama does not contest 2020 - Appiah Stadium

A STAUNCH supporter of ex-President Mahama in Kumasi, Appiah Stadium, has caused a stir, vowing to damage his manhood if Mr. Mahama decides not to contest for the presidency again in 2020.

“I will, with all my strength, sit on my manhood and balls to damage them and cause severe injuries and pains to myself if ex-President Mahama refuses to contest the National Democratic Congress (NDC) presidential primary”.


Appiah Stadium, who was speaking on Kumasi-based Nhyira FM, was reacting to a front page story in the DAILY GUIDE’s Tuesday’s edition, headlined ‘Mahama In Kumasi Secret Meeting Over 2020’.

The news report mainly talked about a meeting that Mr. Mahama, reportedly, held with key NDC members in the Ashanti Region at an unknown location over the weekend, where he called for their support for his presidential bid.

Mahama Is The Best

Even though Appiah Stadium, for obvious reasons, did not confirm the report, his utterances perhaps gave a clear indication that Mr. Mahama was indeed lacing his boots to contest the NDC top position again.

According to him, Mr. Mahama is the best among all the NDC presidential hopefuls, stressing that he is prepared to damage his manhood, to display his anger and disappointment should Mr. Mahama opt out of the NDC race.

Second Jesus

Appiah Stadium described Mr. Mahama as “My second Jesus Christ on this earth”, indicating that the former president had done a lot for him and his family so he is prepared to sacrifice his life for Mr. Mahama to be president again.

He said he had even named his daughter after Mr. Mahama as a sign of appreciation over the amazing love that Mr. Mahama had displayed to him and his family over the years.

According to him, he can only reciprocate the former president’s love by working assiduously for him to lead the NDC to electoral triumph again, hopefully in 2020, when Ghana goes to the polls again.

Appiah Stadium indicated that no amount of sabotage or pull him back actions, within or outside the NDC, can stop Mr. Mahama from realizing his ambition of becoming president again on NDC ticket in 2020.