I stood up and argued that even though the Court had discretion to stay proceedings, the Court should on this occasion refuse the application because Woyome, who has already been declared to have unconstitutionally looted the public purse of over GHC51.2million, was coming to the Court with dirty hands and asking to be granted the equitable relief of stay of proceedings. I urged that the representative democratic process guaranteed by the Constitution required the public to hear of Woyome’s means and property and the reasons why Woyome had refused to pay back the monies more than two years after the Court’s order to Woyome to do so.

Alas, the stay was granted, as I had predicted. Fellow citizens, the technical processes of the law have been used to ensure Woyome does not take the stand before 7th December 2016. It is true that the efforts of the President and Woyome have succeeded in preventing you from hearing in examination on oath what happened to the public purse looted by the John Mahama Government for their Lootee, Woyome. But the Constitution provides you with one important chance to ensure that this President does not have the opportunity ever again to protect his lootee, Woyome, from refunding their unconstitutional loot.

Right now you have the power to change this incumbent President at the Presidential elections on 7th December 2016. Should you vote for this looter President on 7th December 2016 we cannot get our over GHC51.2million back with the accruing interest because he would continue to protect Woyome as he has done since assuming office.

As the Citizen Vigilante, I have done everything I could to use the constitutional process to compel Woyome to pay back the monies he owes to the people of Ghana. Now I ask that you use Ghana’s democratic process to stand up for what’s right, and to protect the public purse from being plundered with impunity by the incumbent Government whose conduct has been found to be unconstitutional right alongside the likes of people like Alfred Agbesi Woyome.

The representative democratic process provided for in our Constitution gives citizens the power to change corrupt Governments and public purse looters like this President’s Government once every four years at the Presidential elections. Vote this President out on 7th December 2016 so that we do not need any further examination orally on oath of Woyome by me in person for you to get your money back. The new Government will have the duty of getting your money back in the shortest possible time because of the confidence you would have reposed in it.

Do we wait another four years while a John Mahama Government drags its feet and shields the very lootees it has helped? Fellow Citizens, if you vote the incumbent President back into power after 7th December 2016, I can assure you that no examination on oath by me will ever get your money back again. You will be re-electing a Government that has been deceiving you about its intention to retrieve even a pesewa. This is why if we want our money back plus every interest on it we must vote for a new President on 7th December 2016.

Up until now I have preferred to concentrate on the loot of GHC51.2million by the Government for Woyome with Austro-Invest, the incumbent Attorney General’s former client, and the Waterville case with over €47million unconstitutional loot by this Government again for Waterville. Fellow citizens, any time I have urged you to vote for a new President, we are met with the Government machinery reframing that this President has fought corruption and brought development. I now take up the invitation to address those lies about the incumbent President’s position on corruption that plunders public coffers, and to set the records straight.

The lies about the incorruptibility of this President do not hold up to scrutiny against the available evidence. Just visit my website and read my article dated 8th October 2012 titled: “Reporting a sitting President or Government to any public institution to be investigated for corruption” for evidence of this President and his Government’s irredeemable corruption.

Let us look at examples of how the incumbent President has plundered the public purse. Do you remember SADA where the President’s own kinsmen and others who raped the public purse have never been dealt with? Why? Because the President could not see to its prosecution since the President is himself tainted by it. Do you recall the other projects such as the forestation of northern Ghana and the guinea fowls being reared for Upper East Region; projects that never existed and which were corrupt practices traceable to the President himself. And so once again, he protected his friends.

Take time to analyze the Atuabo Free Port Agreement and you cannot fail to see the corruption embodied in it with Government institutions like SNNIT, GHAPOHA and others being forced to contribute to the free carried interest which the foreign beneficiary was to pay to the Government of Ghana. When some MPs went to Court to question the contract, President Mahama said online that David Cameron, then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom had helped him, the President, to get Lonrho to invest in Ghana. What the President failed to reveal was that he and his other Ministers had personally made several personal visits to Lonrho in Mauritius on the matter. It
was an enterprise of corruption.