Woman steals a $25k Rolex watch and hides it inside her v@gina...

25-year-old Shacarye Tims, met an Australian tourist at a bar and followed him back to his hotel room, where she snatched his $25,000 Rolex and hid it in her vagina, after an early morning hook up, reports The NY Daily.

The tourist, Benton Price took off the expensive Yacht-Master II Rolex and placed it on the nightstand after Tims claimed it was scratching her.

He then noticed it was missing 10 minutes later, but Tims suggested it had fallen behind the nightstand.

She tried to leave the hotel while he searched for it, but Price caught up with her in the hotel lobby, where she punched him several times in the face as she tried to escape.

She finally pulled the Rolex out of her vagina and handed it to a policewoman.

Tims, is charged with robbery and grand larceny and her next court appearance is set for 24th October.