Woman r*pes 3-year-old boy after having s3x with family dog, filmed all...

A 26-year-old woman has been arrested for performing a s*x act on her three-year-old son and was also filmed on camera having s*xual interc'ourse with a dog.

Angeline Lodice, 26, was indicted Thursday for s3xual assault charges stemming from her arrest last year.

A Louisiana stripper accused of s3xually abusing a 3-year-old boy, and who was also caught on camera having s3x with a dog, was indicted Thursday and faces life in prison.

Angeline Lodice, 26, of Old Jefferson, is accused of aggravated r*pe, s3xual battery and production of child p*rnography, the Times-Picayune reported.

Her attorney Martin Regan told the newspaper Lodice will plead not guilty by reason of insanity and will undergo psychiatric evaluations.

Lodice was arrested in October after the father of his accuser told police he saw videos and photos of Lodice giving the boy oral s3x.

Angeline Lodice arrested 2

Lodice admitted it is her in the footage but said she didn't recognize the child and claimed she was drugged during the s3x acts.

Her alleged crimes occurred between November 2012 and last October.

In another video police found, Lodice has s3x with a dog.

If determined to have been insane during the crimes, she could be sent to a state mental hospital indefinitely.

SOURCE: Nydailynews.com