Woman from the US Army lands in Africa to hunt down African poachers...

A woman from the US Army has landed here in Africa to go after and deal with hunters and bushmen who have made it their business to kill any animal they come into contact with on the African soil.

The woman who goes by the name Kinessa Johnson has joined a group of retired US vets whose mission is to deter poaching before it leads to the complete elimination of endangered species.

Kinessa Johnson is a US Army veteran who served for 4 years in Afghanistan.

The group,VETPAW (Veterans Empowered To Protect African Wildlife), which is non profit organisation has its main focus on protecting and sheilding all African animals from being hunted and captured illegally.

Csglobe.com continues with the report as:

At the end of March, she and a team arrived in Africa to take on a new mission: According to her, "We're going over there to do some anti-poaching, kill some bad guys, and do some good."

Johnson and her team of fellow Vets arrived in Tanzania on March 26th, quickly getting down to work. She has already noticed a decrease in poaching activity in her team's immediate area because their presence is known.

...And if you take a minute to look at the build and confidence just Johnson exudes from years in dangerous territory, you likely can understand why. Her team's primary focus at the moment will be to train park rangers and patrol with them to provide support.

Kinessa John US Army veteran3(Credit: @KinessaJohnson )

African park rangers are in serious need of assistance, as she mentions, "they lost about 187 guys last year over trying to save rhinos and elephants." The training they will provide includes marksmanship, field medicine, and counter-intelligence.

Kinessa joined VETPAW because she loves animals, and because protecting endangered species is a cause that speaks to her heart. Because Africa experiences the highest rates of poaching in the world, it made sense for her to volunteer her strength and skill to help protect some of the wildlife who are too easy of a target for poachers.

Another incentive is because revenue made from selling parts from slaughtered endangered species usually goes to fund war and terrorism in Africa. So helping to combat the first act of violence will hopefully help to reduce other aspects of conflict elsewhere.

According to Johnson, "After the first obvious priority of enforcing existing poaching laws, educating the locals on protecting their country's natural resources is most important overall."

Hunt Poachers(Credit: @KinessaJohnson )

Taking to social media, Ms. Johnson is helping to raise money and awareness for the cause. She now has over 44,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram. And if you take time to check out her profiles, you'll discover amazing photos of exotic African animals and updates on what her team is accomplishing.

You can also support Johnson and her team by donating to VETPAW and sharing their mission. Soon you'll be able to watch Johnson and her team on a new show, as their efforts are being captured by the Discovery Channel!

When asked if her or her team had killed any poachers yet in a Q & A forum on Reddit, she stated, "We don't operate with the intent to kill anyone." The African poachers would be well advised not to test this All-American bad-ass on that though.

SOURCE: Csglobe.com