We want to go back to our homes in Africa - African Americans demand...

An African American Group on Facebook called We Want To Go Home, have started a petition on Change.org appealing to African Heads of State to grant them asylum in Africa.

Below are excerpts from the petition: Africans Americans – are experiencing what can only be called neo-slavery on the land that our ancestors were forced to build.

We experience daily, relentless attacks by the police, suffer high rates of incarceration due largely to discriminatory laws and sentencing, not to mention economic, health, and employment disparities for no other reason than being Black in America.

One can only turn on the news to see the treatment that we are receiving in the United States, and it is only getting worse. We are writing to request that any and all African nations consider granting us asylum within your borders We are ready to return home.

We hope you will accept us. #WeWantToGoHome As many as 842 people have signed this petition, to reach 1000 signatories the petitioners require 148 more signatures.

Below are some comments from the singnatories:

"I support repatriation to African nations as an option for Black Americans, who are a subjugated internal colony in the United States."

Corie MomentLAKE WALES, FL
"I have never felt or been treated as if I belong in the U.S. Please give us Dual Citizenship!!"

Brien RedmonROCK HILL, MO
"It is clear that we will never be able to live peacefully in America. There have always been systems in place to prevent us from prospering and thriving. People to destroy what we build to obstruct our growth. We are constantly bombarded with ignorant individuals telling us to leave, yet lift no fingers to support those actions.
I’m tired of fighting to be recognized by people who don’t have their own house in order.

"Of living in a system that constantly and relentlessly oppresses me and then tells me to get over it. That terrorizes me and kills me but tells me not to lash out. I cannot remedy the hypocrisy, so I believe leaving is the best course of action. The only other option is to fight violence with violence, and I believe it would be a tactical failure on our end."

To sign this petition go to: www.change.org/p/african-governments-please-give-asylum-to-african-americans

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