Watch Video: Rubber Boy is so flexible he can turn his head 180 degrees with ease...

It is not fake but real. Meet 15-year-old Jaspreet Singh Kalra or "Rubber Boy" as he is most commonly known these days. (Watch the video below)

Rubber Boy is so flexible that he can do twists and turns with his body that will make you cringe and squirm.

"I have never faced any discomfort or pain while doing these actions. It has become my hobby. I like doing this," Kalra told Huffington Post UK.

His extremely flexible body has already been recognized by the Indian Book of Records and his gunning for Daniel Browning Smith's title of the most flexible person in the world.

If you ask me his most incredible feat is his half Exorcist-Linda Blair trick of rotating his head 180 degrees.

Watch the video below: