Tree falls on top of cheating couple’s car whilst in action doing the 'thing'...

A cheating couple got the shock of their lives when a tree fell of their car while they got lovey dovey.

The couple from Limpopo had found themselves a quiet spot to show affection but nature had other ideas. While they were in the midst of their action, a huge tree suddenly fell on their car, trapping both of them inside.

According to intel gathered, the two are both married and work in the same office. They are reported to have started their affair 4 weeks ago and were in the habit of sneaking out during lunch to satisfy their thirst. On the fateful day, they parked their car on the usual spot sheltered by the shade of a huge tree but somehow the gigantic tree fell on top of their car.

Crowds soon gathered to see what was happening and got the shock of their lives to see the two well know lovebirds trapped in the car. Luckily no one was hurt.

“I am sure one their lawful partners used juju on them”, an eye witness said.