Unbelievable: A whole town gets 'high' after Police burn $1million worth of confiscated 'ganja'...

An Indonesian town was high on more than just life when police set fire to more than three tons of confiscated CANNABIS

Breitbart.com reports that, RESIDENTS of Tangerang, 15.5 miles west of the capital Jakarta, reported suffering from headaches and DIZZINESS after inhaling the tangy smoke given off by the bonfire.

The 3.3 tons of marijuana valued at $1million were burned by Palmerah police.

One RESIDENT named Deden said: 'I got a headache because I wasn't WEARING a mask.'

A journalist reported having to 'sit down and have a cup of tea' to DEAL WITH the high.

Ganja gets Town high 2

SOURCE: Breitbart.com