Spoilt billionaire teenager who offers jobless people money to drink his ur!ne gets the shock of his life...

The spoilt grandkid of a Russian billionaire got his just deserts after asking someone to drink his urine for cash.

Grisha Mamurin, 16, has been making sick short films about what lengths jobless or homeless people will do for money.

But the cocky teenager felt the full force of a grown man after he offered him £130 to drink his pee on film.

Grisha, whose videos have had 600,00 hits, got a right hook straight in the face and went tumbling to the ground.

The sap then ran off to nurse his black eye.

Spoilt billionaire teenager 2

Despite the bow to his pride, and face, Grisha said: "I wanted to do something interesting for my own channel on YouTube. This project shows what people are willing to do to make money. I didn't expect such a huge feedback.

"I can't understand why so many negative comments are under my video. The folk healer Malahov drank his own urine on a TV show in the federal channel.

"My parents know about my project. They don't welcome it, but they also don't prohibit me to do this.

"In the next video you will see a girl who will l!ck my shoe sole from heel to toe."

The teen's grandad is Igor Nekludov, the richest businessman in Khabarovsk city, far east Russia.

Spoilt billionaire teenager 3

SOURCE: Dailystar.co.uk