Son of a Chinese billionaire buys his dog eight iPhone 7s...

Hong Kong (CNN) - Apple fans lined up across China last week to get their hands on the latest iPhone, while others tried to smuggle handsets in from Hong Kong.

But one iPhone user didn't have to worry: Coco the Alaskan malamute.

Coco's owner Wang Sicong, son of Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin (estimated worth $30 billion), bought her eight iPhone 7 handsets on the day of their release, according to photos posted on the dog's verified Weibo social media account -- China's equivalent of Twitter.

"I don't understand all the show-off posts on (social media)," read the post alongside the photos.
"What's the point? Don't make me do it?"

In China, an iPhone 6 costs 6,988 yuan ($1,047), while the larger iPhone 7 Plus goes for 7,988 yuan ($1,197).

Wang Sicong the chinese billionaire son Photo: Wang Sicong, the son of the chinese billionaire

This isn't the first time Wang has doted on Coco in this fashion.

In 2015, he attracted widespread outrage in China after posting photos of the dog wearing two Apple Watches with luxury bands worth upwards of $37,000.

He's part of China's fu'erdai or second-generation rich -- the sons and daughters of tycoons that are best known for flaunting their decadent lifestyles.

Nicknamed "the nation's husband" for his status as China's most eligible bachelor, Wang has come under fire from state media for his outrageous displays of wealth.