Shocking: ‘Sakawa’ lover scams woman out of £850,000 after convincing her he was an M16 agent...

A woman (pictured above) has been scammed out of £850,000 after her ‘sakawa’ lover was able to convince her he was an MI6 agent (Military Intelligence, a British Intelligence Agency), according to a BBC report.

The woman, Carolyn Woods, met her former partner, Mark Acklom, while working in a shop and started a year-long romance with him which ended in 2012.

The report continues that the woman, Carolyn Woods, is just confused and can’t believe how she allowed herself to be deceived by her partner who she describes as a fraudster with all his ‘lies’ that he was an M16 agent, and that he had brain surgery.

Speaking to Adrian Chiles on BBC 5 live Daily on Thursday 5 January 2017, Carolyn Woods said:

"I said to people, this is like something out of James Bond. He managed to convince me that he was an MI6 agent and that he had brain surgery."

A European Arrest Warrant has been issued for the arrest of Mark who has disappeared and is believed to have gone into hiding in Spain.