Rapist collapses in court after victim blasts him from stand...

The brave victim of an attempted rape last year in Central Park blasted the creep in court Thursday for destroying her life — before a judge slapped him with a 3¹/₂-year prison sentence that sent him collapsing to the floor.

"I wish he had killed me in that park, that's the day I stopped living!" the victim said, crying and trembling as she read from her own prepared statement.

Saul Alvarez pulled the woman, 29, off the path near Lasker Pool in the northeast section of the park and dragged her to the bushes, where he attacked her on June 29, 2013.

"He wrapped his right hand over my mouth and pulled me off the Central Park running loop — even as I scratched and screamed, he forced me to the ground," she said.

"'You were asking for it,'" the thug told her before she clawed her way free.

The victim, a VP of a small company, said she mourns the unstoppable woman she once was, no longer runs and is overwhelmed by anxiety and fear.

"As Mr. Alvarez serves his sentence, I'll serve my own sentence that began the day we met," she said.

"Sleep doesn't provide relief. I wake up screaming from nightmares and other times I toss and turn and question why it happened."

The woman was once an avid marathoner and was training for a race in Pennsylvania, she said.

"His assault robbed me of my identity, my plans for the future. I'm no longer a runner. I'm a victim," she said angrily.

"This statement is supposed to outline all the damage from the assault but there are too many things to list. There is always something that sneaks up on me . . . in those moments I'm forced to see how far my attacker has knocked me off course."

The 23-year-old brute apologized to his victim and asked forgiveness.

"I know I'm guilty, not just physically, emotionally but spiritually," said Alvarez, who pleaded guilty to attempted rape last month. "I know that what I did was wrong and I ask for forgiveness in the Lord Jesus Christ. I'm sorry."

Justice Ronald Zweibel sentenced him to 3¹/₂ years in prison and six years' post-release supervision. He'll also have to register as a sex offender.

As officers led him out of the courtroom, Alvarez dramatically collapsed face-first onto the floor. Court officers cleared the courtroom and EMTs carried him out on a stretcher.