Only in Africa: Man tries to travel to UK with visa ATM card...

Pandemonium occurred at the International wing of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport yesterday as an Ijebu man(name withheld) and his family were barred from boarding an Air France flight to London.

According to eye witnesses, all seemed to be well with the said family and other passengers as they queued to check in around 4:45pm, until the man raised his voice at the airline officials over him not having the necessary traveling documents, especially a United Kingdom Visa. 

Before he was whisked away by security agents, FNN was made to understand that he and his family intended to fly to London with a Visa ATM card as opposed to the needed Visa travel document showing permission to enter a foreign country.

Further discussion with his wife disclosed that he had sold their house and their few properties to secure the flight tickets for both of them and their two children and was told by a friend that all he needs for them to travel to London in his quest of greener pastures is a Visa.

Realizing on a TV advert that Access bank Visa card can be used in United Kingdom, the Ijebu man subsequently opened accounts for all of them and they were issued the said Visa ATM-Cards.

When quizzed by FNN, the obviously aggrieved man was quick to respond that he'll sue Access Bank for 'gross breach of trust and consequently Sly-ism'.

FNN wishes to use this medium to enlighten Ijebu people and other Nigerians as required that the Visa ATM cards issued by banks are not the Visa authority needed to travel to foreign countries but the endorsed stamps and certificates issued by the respective embassies/high commissions or their authorised offices.

FNN and well meaning Unionists and human rights activists plead with Air France to refund their ticket money, if the family cannot secure an official UK Visa.