Whaaat?! New law passed to mark all HIV positive persons near their gen!tals...

South African President Jacob Zuma signed a bill that seem to be the greatest step in history of trying to combat HIV, reports Radio City, a local Radio station.

From now on, every person who gets tested and found to be HIV positive would not just get counselling and medication.

They would also get a mark in a form of a tattoo near their genital according to the bill singed by the president.

"The mark is to protect those who can't say no to sex. I mean if you can't read between the lines you should read between the legs because that's where the status would be tatted.

"The choice to be HIV positive is now in your hands or your genitals for that matter....We also encourage those who had been living with the virus to go to the nearest public hospitals to get their status tatted in," said Jacob Zuma after signing the bill and drinking his ARV's.

Meanwhile Susan Jere a blogger on Zambian Eye facebook Forum has described the move as a way to stigmatise those who are found to be HIV positive.

"Let them put on the forehead not genitals coz (because) sex is not the only way to contract HIV. People get infected through road accidents and many other more circumtances. Next they will say they should be using their own buses incase of accidents.

# from xenophobia to stigmatisation."