Meet the man with the biggest p*nis ever in this world...

Micha Stunz, has a 9 inch-long, 3.5 inch p*nis that now weighs between 7.5 – 9.5lbs, between 3 and 4.3kg, he says.

'I can't say exactly how much it weighs, I just know that my kitchen scale, which shows up to 6.6lb, hasn't been enough for a while,' he told Mr Stunz, 45, who lives in Berlin, said he had his penis permanently enlarged in this way, not because it makes him feel more beautiful, but because it makes him feel 'better'.

Curiously, the si.licone implants provide no physical pleasure and actually make s.ex much more difficult for him - although it is not impossible. He cannot get a normal er.e.ction – and any increase in size is not visible due to all the si.licone.

But although his giant p*nis restricts his se.x life, he says it makes him more creative in the bedroom.
He told Vice journalist Frederik Busch: 'After you reach a certain size, you can't do certain things any more.

'At least not with everyone and not without some for.eplay. But there are other things you can do with it. You just have to free yourself from established roles and ideas about s.ex and be ready to play.' Mr Stunz's interest in p*nis modification 20 years ago, when he was given a pump as a present.

'I was way too curious not to try it out. First, I tried it secretly for myself,' he said. 'And I found that when I went out pumped up, it was a good feeling, it felt great.'

'I had the feeling that I wasn't trapped in the body I was born with, but that I had the possibility to shape it myself to change it.' He then began enlarging himself with sa.line inje.ctions. 'The feeling was great,' he said, 'but I didn't like getting the inje.ctions- there's always a risk of infection.

'And also the people around me started to wonder why my groin area would change in size. If some woman gets bre.ast enlargements, nobody says anything about it. If a man does something very similar to his body, it's worth making a documentary about.

Micha Stunz 2

'That's why I started looking for something more permanent.' It took him several years to find out about s.ilicone inj.ections, which were only available in London when he first began researching them. 

However, rather than seeking professional medical help, he met a medical student who agreed to perform the first injections. To date, Mr Stunz has had four procedures which involved in.jecting si.licone into his p*nis and sc.rotum.

However, Dr Aref el Seweife, a urologist in Berlin who carries out p*nis enlargements, warns that an inj.ecting sili.con into the p*nis can lead to an infection that will leave it 'mutilated'.

'In worst cases, it can lead to an enlarged artery in the sc.rotum and the te.sticles die,' he told Vice journalists, urging people who opt for the procedure to have it done by a medical professional.

In fact, a 2012 study in the Urology Annals, said: 'We conclude that pe.nile enhancement procedures with liquid silicone by non-medical personnel could result in devastating consequences.'

Mr Stunz accepts this advice, and agrees that others thinking of having their p*nis enlarged with silicone should make sure they are fully informed. 

While his situation might seem extreme, he claims he leads a 'normal life'.He said: 'I go to work, buy groceries, go to bars, clubs, and to the movies. I usually try to make sure it isn't too obvious. But I guess it isn't easy buying a new pair of pants.'

Micha Stunz 3


P*nis size has been a source of anxiety for men throughout history - and this concern has been found to transcend ethnicity and cultural barriers. 

Sadhus, holy men of India and male of Cholomec tribe in Peru used weights to increase their pe.nile lengths. Males of the Dayak tribe in Borneo resorted to self mutilation by forming holes on their pe.nises and then sticking decorative items through them for their partner's pleasure.

Brazilians of the Topinama tribe allowed poisonous snakes to bite their pe.nises in order to enlarge them.
Men in some areas of Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia have a long history of inserting or implanting various objects in their penises.

Several documented papers have described how 'the bigger the better' mantra has been the motto for more than a century - and being too small is still regarded as very humiliating in many cultures.

These stigmas of apparently small penises, as well as the increasing influence of the media on s.exual issues, have increased the demand for pe.nile enhancements, figures show.

However the majority of men who request pe.nile enhancement surgery usually have a normally sized and normally functioning penis, doctors say.

These patients interpret normal appearances as abnormal, and as such are distressed and depressed.
Source: Urology Annals

He also prefers to urinate sitting down in a cubicle as he attracts odd looks when using urinals.
While sometimes he says he is pleased to get so much attention, at other points he hides his modesty.

He uses a satchel bag to 'hide his bulge' and refrains from telling some people in his life about his physical appearance.
'There are definitely situations when I say "the other person doesn't need to know right now". When it's the boss or all the extended relations, then I'll tell a white lie.
'I'm actually a pretty shy person,' he explains, while leather-clad at a bondage festival.

Indeed, one of his favourite events of the year is The Folsom Europe Festival – a bon.dage,!sh and la.te.x affair in Berlin.
When he attends the carnival, he wears a specially-made pair of la.tex pants to show off his huge p*nis.

Speaking of why he loves the event, he said: 'You can offer up who you are and show yourself the way you want without having to think about what other people will think of you.'

He sometimes worries that potential partners are only interested in him for his ma.nhood.
He said: 'You get reduced to the bulge obviously. There's always that danger in the relationship.

'But if you take the time to get to know the other person, you find out whether he really loves you or just a part of you.'
Ultimately, Mr Stunz believed the interest in his penis modification belies deep-rooted se.xism.

'If some woman gets br.east enla.rgements, nobody says anything about it,' he said. 

'If a man does something very similar to his body, it's worth making a documentary about it because it's so extraordinary.

'I hope that changes soon because the difference really isn't that big.'

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