Meet the first man in the world to get pregnant and give birth not only once but thrice (Photos)...

We all know that the male can never get pregnant let alone give birth.

But one man by name Thomas Trace Beatie shocked the entire world with the bizarre news of his pregnancy, becoming the first man in history to have experienced that.

Thomas Beatie, born to an Irish-Scottish mother and a Korean-Filipino father, remains not just the first man in world’s history to have become pregnant and given birth once but thrice or on three different successful occasions through artificial insemination, and by taking hormones to change his gender from male to female.

He took this decision just to fulfill the dream of his wife, Nancy, who was infertile or unable to give birth after marriage because she had reproductive problems.

So, to fulfill his wife’s dream by becoming pregnant and carrying their children, Thomas underwent a surgery called "chest reconstruction" in 2002.

And since he wanted biological kids, he kept his internal reproductive organs intact.

Thomas Beatie started taking hormones which changed his voice to that of a female and his reproductive system changed.

Then through artificial insemination, and with cryogenic donated sperm, he got pregnant for the first time in 2007 which resulted in an ectopic pregnancy with triplets, requiring emergency surgery and resulting in the loss of all three fetuses.

Thomas Beatie delivered his first child in the year 2008.

First man to become pregnant and give birth thrice 2

Then after his successful delivery, Thomas went ahead to have two more kids with the same donor of the first child.

It was a baby girl (in 2009) and a baby boy (in 2010).

First man to become pregnant and give birth thrice 3

Finally, and after delivering three babies with his son as the last one, Thomas decided not to have any more kids and as a result, underwent a successful operation where his reproductive organs were removed.

The couple (Thomas and wife Nancy) filed for divorce in 2012.

First man to become pregnant and give birth thrice 4Photo: Thomas Beatie, his wife Nancy and kids