Shocking: Man arrested for having s3x with his 98-year-old landlady...

Members of the Edo State Police Command have arrested a man in connection with having unlawful carnal knowledge with his 98-year-old landlady that will set as a precedence in Nigerian s3xual law.

Nigerian laws about s3x related issues don't establish an upper limit on when a person should be excused from sex and so far, no one has been found guilty for having sex with an elder.

However, in Benin, 57-year-old man, Anselm Osagie, was arrested for having s3x with his elderly landlady on January 3 and is soon expected to be put before a law court.

Mr Osagie, who denied the allegations, said a fellow tenant who saw the old woman sitting on his bed while he was lying down raised the alarm.

He added that the old woman had been coming to his room since October last year and he had not committed any offence but the alarm was raised attracting neighbours.

Upon the arrival of a crowd, the suspect was beaten and accused of making love to an old woman before the police arrested him.

Foluso Adebanjo, the Edo State Police Commissioner, said Mr Osagie and several other suspects arrested for sexual crimes will all be charged soon.