Shocking: Jehovah's Witness wife caught having s3x with small boy going to jail...

A Jehovah's witness who had s3x with a schoolboy was caught out when the child's suspicious mother hid a tape recorder in his bedroom.

Mother-of-two Kelly Richards admitted having s3x with the 15-year-old during a three-month affair but was spared prison by a judge yesterday.

The 36-year-old met the boy after he befriended one of her sons at church and she invited the teenager to her home for sleepovers with her children. During their encounters, Richards had told the boy: 'Don't tell anyone because I might get done for this.'

But their relationship was uncovered after the teenager's mother placed a tape recorder in her son's bedroom to discover why he had started hiding his mobile phone and why he was spending so much time with the Richards family.

After the tape recordings revealed explicit phone conversations between Richards and the boy, his mother called in police. The boy admitted to officers that Richards had had s3x with him, giving him alcohol, asking him for massages and 'leading me on'.

Prosecutor Roger Griffiths told Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court the pair had s3x after Richards had an argument with her husband, Paul. 

He said: 'Mrs Richards was in her bedroom crying and the boy went into the room to comfort her.

'The boy and Mrs Richards' son went in to stop her from crying and were supportive. But her son left and Richards started kissing the boy which led to full sexual intercourse.

'Mrs Richards was in her nightie, the boy was in his clothes...It was over very quickly.' The pair then began talking on the phone and over Facebook. 

The court was told the boy's housebound mother became suspicious about her son's contact with Richards and took away his mobile.

But Richards gave the boy a new SIM card and he was able to carry on the calls and texts on a different phone. Mr Griffiths said: 'There were also suggestions of leaving home when he was 16 – which greatly upset his mother.'

Richards, of Mountain Ash, South Wales, sobbed as she admitted one count of sexual activity with a child between October and December 2012. 

Sarah Waters, defending, said Richards had been looking after the vulnerable 15-year-old because the Jehovah's Witness community were asked to look after each other.

Jehovah Witness Kelly Richards 2
(Image above: The mother of two, Kelly Jane Richards, 36, hid her face as she arrived at court)

She said: 'She took him out with her family to go shopping and ice skating and do all the things a young boy wants to do with a family. 'Their relationship obviously developed into something it shouldn't have.'

Judge Richard Twomlow told Richards her victim was 'vulnerable' and she had 'developed a strong influence over him'. 

He told her: 'Despite the fact you knew his age you had s3xual intercourse with him at your home. That happened after a period of what might be described as grooming.

'When you were arrested you denied any s3xual relationship. You did plead guilty, although on the day of your trial.' Judge Twomlow told Richards he had decided 'with some hesitation' not to send her to jail.

Richards was sentenced to a two-year suspended jail term and a s3xual offences prevention order. She will also have to sign on to the s3x offenders' REGISTER for ten years.

Among letters attesting to her 'good character' was one written by her carpenter husband of 13 years, Paul, 34. He helped her cover her face as she arrived at court for yesterday's hearing. The pair hugged following the sentencing and he is understood to be standing by his wife.