Japanese p0rn industry hit by shortage of men; more men needed...

Only about 70 male actors to 10,000 women; $20 billion p0rn industry under threat...

TOKYO - For a man carrying a nation's l!b!do on his shoulders, Japanese "p0rn king Shimiken" looks as fresh as a daisy.

The 35-year-old c*lt hero, described by one director as the Cristiano Ronaldo of s3x and famed for his Herculean powers between the sheets, grins as he tells AFP, "It's a hard job, but somebody's got to do it."

Shimiken — real name Ken Shimizu — has s|ept with more than 8,000 women for his 7,500 movies, and recently caused a stir by begging for reinforcements, tweeting that there were more Bengali tigers alive than male p0rn actors in Japan.

"There are about 70 male actors to 10,000 women," he said. Shimiken's call to arms was retweeted thousands of times by fans worried about Japan's $20 billion ad*lt video industry coming under threat. "It is boring for viewers to watch the same actors all the time. That's the biggest worry," he added.

Shimiken insisted he has the staying power to keep on going, despite making an eye-popping two to three films in an average day. "Usually I s|eep with two or three girls a day, so I have s3x for about two hours every day," he chirped. "It's my dream job — I've been doing this for 17 years and I never got bored of it. It beats working in an office. I'll do this until I'm 100."

He may have to, if the decline in male actors continues. Many industry insiders blame the conundrum on a growing social trend known as herb!vore men: Those who shun s3x and traditional masculine values in favour of a quiet, uncompetitive lifestyle. "Mentally, men have become weaker," said actress Yuko Shiraki. "They're less macho, less proactive about s3x."

Celebrated director Tohjiro agrees Japanese men are going soft. "I've been in this business for 27 years and you can see the increase in herbivore males," he said.

"Men aren't hungry anymore. They've lost their desire. Everything's on a plate for them. It wasn't like that for my generation. If we got a banana or a pineapple, we went crazy with joy. These days, men don't get excited by anything. The same applies to s3x and attitude towards women and relationships. They just click on the internet for it."

SOURCE: Punemirror.in