OMG! Hundreds of unemployed graduates queue for just one TV anchor job? (Video)...

It looks like the disturbing rate of youth unemployment situation is almost everywhere on the African Continent.

This is even terrible in countries such us Ghana, Nigeria, and many others on the continent.

But one striking moment that seems to have caught the attention of countless of young Africans today is what happened in Kenya after many unemployed graduates poured out to fill a vacancy for a TV anchor.

According to a BBC report, hundreds of hopeful graduates have turned up to the offices of a Kenyan TV news channel in the capital, Nairobi, after it advertised vacancies for news anchors.

The report continues that it is not clear how many positions it is looking to fill, though one source told a BBC colleague in Nairobi that there were three presentation jobs up for grabs.

However, one Ahmed Mohamed whose tweet with a video has since gone viral said:

"VIDEO: Footage of the hundreds of people that turned up after Media House @K24Tv advertised for ONE News Anchor. Unemployment is real."