Guy can't move his face after spending over £100,000 on plastic surgery to look like Kim Kardashian (Watch Video below)...

Jordan James Parke, the 23-year-old Kardashian fan and hardcore lip filler addict who has spent over £100,000 on plastic surgery and designer clothes, and who has now been warned his lips may explode. Crikey!

Jordan has spent around £17,500 on his lips alone, having had 50 lip filler operations, despite being warned his lips 'might explode'. He also has eyebrow tattoos, chin, forehead and cheek filler, botox injections and has had laser hair removal.

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But the Kardashian fan, who was brought up in Birmingham, has revealed on American TV show 'Botched' that he can 'no longer move' his face as a result of the surgery and his lip fillers are 'leaking'. 

'I'm worried if they keep leaking I'm going to end up with small lips again.', he says. He did, despite the worrying leakage, ask the doctors on the show for more surgery.

Jordan asked US doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif if he could have a nose job to give him a smaller 'pinched' in looking nose (like Kim K, we're guessing.)

Both doctors said no, demonstrating with cotton buds that if he had the surgery he wouldn't be able to breathe due to his enormous lips.