Caught in the act: Man r*pes and gets a cow pregnant...

A man has been arrested by the Police for raping a string of animals and impregnating a cow in the process, reports

The 46-year-old suspect named Andy Loyola was arrested in Barangay Biga Dos, Silang, Cavite-The Philippines.

He is believed to be a drug-addict and is reported to have also raped other animals including horses and a water buffalo.

The drug paraphernalia was confiscated from the suspect when he was finally arrested by the Police officers.

Andy Loyola is currently facing charges for violating the Republic Act 8485 or Animal Welfare Act.

According to the owner of the cow, Rustico Sarno, his animal went missing on Tuesday moments after he had left it to gaze in the farm and it never came back.

After Rustico Sarno had reported his missing cow, the authorities started looking for it only to catch the suspect in the act molesting the said missing cow.

The cow owner believes his cow is now pregnant and wants both the suspect and his animal to undergo a medical examination to ascertain the truth. (Picture of the owner and cow below)

The cow with its owner Rustico Sarno