A 24-year-old JHS student pen!s still erect for 3 days after b0nking someone's girlfriend...

 A blissful s3x relationship which started in the evening of Monday, August 22, 2016 between a 24 year-old man and a JHS 2 student believed to be 16 years, has ended on a sad note.

The two had the best of time that night but saw all those memories turn soar after having their last round of s3x early Tuesday morning.

The young man who trades in wall mirrors still has his manhood erected with severe pains and has had no choice than to call for assistance in the predominantly farming community of Ampoma in the Kintampo South District in the Brong Ahafo Region.

The young man, according to eye witnesses was rushed to the Kintampo Hospital but officials could not succeed in helping him out.

He was then sent to a shrine believing that he would be cured but that did not also work.

“It was even at the shrine that the man’s situation got worse. So, they had no option that to take him back to the hospital”, recounts an eyewitness who has since been following the matter.

The young man, our sources say, has now been sent to the Techiman Hospital with the hope that he would be cured of his problem.
It is immediately not known what has kept the p3nis erected since Tuesday but speculations are rife that the immediate ex-boyfriend of the young girl is the one behind his ordeal.

Sources say the former boyfriend went to a shrine to perform some rituals in order to prevent the girl from sleeping with other men.
“The guy went to a ‘jujuman’ to perform some rituals that whoever sleeps with the girl will have his penis erected till the entire community gets to know of such.”

The girl’s family, Kasapafmonline.com understands, is now in search of their daughter’s ex-boyfriend to apologize to him to overturn the whatever spell he cast on him.

SOURCE: Kasapaonline.com