60-year-old teacher becomes Africa's oldest mother after giving birth....

A 60-year old Nigerian teacher, Christy Omolara Irurhe, has created history by becoming the country's oldest mother after giving birth to a baby girl at St Ives Hospital in Lagos earlier this week.

Married 31 years ago at the age of 29, Mrs Irurhe had tried everything to get pregnant, including countless visits to local and foreign hospitals and In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatment.

After countless years of medical treatment and turning to her Christian faith for inspiration, Mrs Irurhe finally gave birth at St Ives Hospital this week, defying clinical experts.

Dr Tunde Okewale, St Ives Hospital's medical director, said: "Medically, by the time a woman is 50, all her reproductive function has ended. As a woman grows older, the chances of success becomes low and there is a high chance of failure."

He added that Mrs Irurhe becomes the oldest IVF mother in Africa, making her the same age as the oldest mum in the UK.

St. Ives' IVF unit has delivered 600 babies over the years, establishing itself as one of Africa's largest centres for such treatment.

Mrs Irurhe said: "I tried so many centres here in Nigeria and even abroad. I got to know about St. Ives during their yearly promo and that was my first time there.

"I did the procedure in 2010 but it failed but I persevered and went back in 2013 and got pregnant, which culminated in the delivery of this beautiful baby girl."

At a time, she said she changed her prayer points, and God remained her strength throughout the years. "It is unbelievable and I am very happy," she added.

According to Dr Okewale, IVF is entered into after strict medical checks, adding that there is no limit for fertility treatment in British or Nigerian law.

He pointed out that it is a fundamental human right of every willing woman and couple to achieve their fertility potential as long as they are healthy and the welfare of the child is put into consideration.

CREDIT: Nigerianwatch.com