Stop eating garlic immediately if you have one of these 6 conditions...

There are numerous studies that have proven that allicin --- an active compound in garlic --- has the same mechanisms as ACE inhibitors in lowering the high blood pressure.

Moreover, garlic has the ability to prevent the creation of angiotensin II, a hormone, and also helps in relaxing blood vessels. In addition to that, garlic is extremely beneficial for lowering high cholesterol levels (LDL).

All of the above mentioned health benefits make garlic one of the best vegetables. Garlic is also used in many dishes due to its amazing flavor.

We can conclude that garlic is delicious, nutritious and very healthy vegetable and that certainly is the perfect combination.

Besides the fact that garlic is great for lowering the blood pressure and cholesterol, it also is the best natural remedy for the immune system.

Latest studies have shown that regular consumption of garlic can reduce the risk of catching flu or the common cold by 63%. Garlic also is very beneficial for treatment of Staph infections and ear infections.

That said, when it's taken raw, garlic usually causes bad breath, heartburn, gas, nausea, body odor and a lingering pungent taste in the mouth even though this largely depends on the body chemistry.

However, for the following groups of people, it is not advisable to consume garlic as it may lead to severe problems and complications:

1♦ Even though garlic possesses natural anticoagulant properties, or in other words, it is perfect remedy for treating circulation problems as it makes the blood more fluid preventing clots which may lead to heart attacks, thrombosis and stroke, medical experts still say that you should not take it with anticoagulant drugs as it may lead to excessive bleeding.

2♦ People who suffer from any condition that requires prescription drugs should not consume garlic without consulting their respective doctors.

3♦ Patients with liver problems should avoid garlic as it may decrease the liver’s breakdown of some medications or in some cases decrease the effectiveness of the medications taken for liver issues.

In fact, almost all medications, particularly birth control medications, may have adverse interactions with garlic in any form.

4♦ If are you one of those people who have a sensitive stomach, you should be aware that garlic can be heavy on your digestive system. Therefore, if you have an easily irritable GI tract, garlic can only make matters worse.

Moreover, it may cause some gastrointestinal counter indications when it's taken with stomach medications.

5♦ For pregnant women, “moderate” amounts of raw garlic are safe during pregnancy or periods of breastfeeding, but taking garlic as a remedy during this period is not recommended.

6♦ Individuals who have blood pressure that is within the normal range or tipping to the lower border should avoid garlic, as its consumption may further lower it and cause some other health complications. However, you can consume garlic occasionally and in moderation.