What is beauty and who determines it?...

Almost like second nature, the mention of the word beauty takes the mind to the image of a woman. Women have grown to become the symbolism and epitome of beauty. Every woman has the discerning right to be referred to as “beautiful”, every woman is a beauty.

Our evolving world and societies have seen the ideology of “a beautiful woman”, change with time. This is especially so in the fashion and entertainment industry: all which have a very big influence on people. Different societies have different perceptions of what beauty is.

For instance in Mauritius, to be plumb is beautiful while in France, to be slim is. It is also seen as beautiful to have a long neck in Kenya.

However, currently, a beautiful woman in the global eye is perceived as a woman with a lot of curves; very small waist, a firm round butt and firm breast as well. Her size isn’t much of an issue at the moment.

Thinking about it, the “beautiful woman” trend has moved from being white, to being blonde, to being dark skinned, mixed blood, Caucasian, tall, petit, slim, and cing down to our immediate society from being dark skinned to light skinned and recently drifting between being more natural haired and Afro centric versus wearing a lot of makeup and hair extension.

So what is beauty? Or better still, what isn’t beauty? The world changing ideologies of beauty and the image of a beautiful woman is itself a proof that every image of a woman or being of a woman is beauty.

It indirectly answers the question what isn’t beauty? With this, the most important thing every woman should know is that, aside all the ideologies and trends, at the end of the day she, in herself is beauty.

As said early on, women are born with the birth right of being beautiful and so the only thing left for them to do is learn to get to know themselves, accept, appreciate, love and relish in their feminine quality.

When a woman feels good about herself from the inside, it naturally glows on the outside making her beautiful in her own self. Beauty is in all women, it just takes you to fetch it from within and let it shine. This shouldn’t be much of a hard work but rather women should have pleasure in finding themselves.

Ghanaian women have been noticed to be very beautiful women worldwide. However, it is very noticeable that Ghanaian women are reserved and laidback when it comes to beauty and its relations. Many tend to feel better being a part of a trend or waiting, see a trend start before they come out. In a world that accepts people for who they are, it is time the Ghanaian woman takes pride in who she is and come out .

Over the years, Lux beauty bar soap has helped women realise the importance of being truly themselves and feeling beautiful. They have been able to help women find pleasure in being beautiful.

Back in 2004, still very young, I remember seeing Genevieve Nnaji walk with so much charm and elegance in that Lux advert. My fairytale wish to be Nnaji came to a halt when the voice over said “Lux brings out the star in you”. From that moment, I knew I could have all that being no one but myself.

While not directly addressing the issue, Lux has rather practically proven to women that being beautiful requires that you feel good about yourself and look good as well. With the use of different women from all walks of life as brand ambassadors, they send a message that every woman is beautiful.

And most importantly, a woman can only achieve beauty at a time when she is absolutely and truly herself, a time when she can embrace herself and feel beautiful. A feeling that moves around her sending messages to people around that she is proud in her womanhood.

Women have always worshiped the “shower time ritual” and LUX understands that it is at that time, when she is natural in all forms that she feels completely a woman, igniting her femininity and relishing it.

Lux believes that beauty is one of the female instincts that should not be denied. It is what makes a woman, it is what makes beauty. If you don’t feel something, how do you express it? How does it show?

It is time the Ghanaian woman gets to know herself better, accept and love herself and relish in the power she holds by simply being a woman. Remember, every woman is beautiful, she is the definition of beauty.

SOURCE: Graphic Showbiz