Ladies, do you know the dirtiest part of your body and how you can clean It?...

Even if you are a hygienic person, chances are you may have forgotten to clean this part of your body. It was reported that the belly button is one of the dirtiest part of our body. Though it is often ignored, it is important to regularly wash your belly button.

*Why Should You Clean Your Belly Button on a Regular Basis?*

Although you have showered and washed your hair, the belly button, which is an unapproachable body part are prone to collecting lotion, lint, sweat, dirt and a variety of bacteria daily.

Researchers have discovered bacteria in belly buttons that were not known to science, because of the unique conditions of the belly button. Scary levels of buildup may result if the belly button is not regularly wash.

Some cases where reported wherein a patient went to the doctor because they had a concerning growth on their stomach. But it turned out to be dirt and grime from the belly button. The belly button may look clean after a shower,but still be a surprising amount of foreign substances maybe present within it.

How to Properly Clean Your Belly Button?

For Outie Belly Button

Use a warm and soapy wash cloth to clean your outie belly button.

For Innie Belly Button Two Methods Can Be Used:

1. *Salt Water*

– Make a solution using a cup of warm water and a teaspoon of table salt.
– Using a washcloth or your finger, gently rub the solution around the inside of your belly button.
– Then rinse the area with unsalted water and dry.

Note: This method is effective if you have noticed an unusual odour
coming from your belly button.

2. *Rubbing Alcohol*

– Put rubbing alcohol in a cotton swab. Then gently swab inside the belly button.
– Repeat the step until the belly button is clean.
– Then rinse the area with water and dry.

By taking time in cleaning your belly button regularly, any unsightly buildup or unusual odors is avoided. Taking a shower is not enough to ensure that all of the bacteria and dirt within the belly button is thoroughly removed. Cleaning your belly button should be done at least once per week.