Ladies, 6 amazing things your man's pen!s does that you never knew...

There's a lot more to your member than meets the eye. Apart from its pretty damn impressive ability to make other pen!s-toting little men, here are six crazy things you didn't know your pen!s could do.

It's a 's*men displacement device'

While you probably think of your dong as a device designed to inject sem'en, it's also engineered to remove the sem'en of competitors, suggests research from the State University of New York, Albany.

You know that ridge at the base of your pen!s head—the raised part just north of your shaft? While you're thrus'ting in and out of your partner, that ridge rakes away the s*men of any foes who may have slid into home base ahead of you, the researchers say.

It can survive decapitation

Penectomy is a procedure that involves removing part or all of the pen!s. (It can be necessary if you have pen!s cancer.) But like the headless horseman, your d!pst!ck doesn't die if you cut off its head.

You can still urinate, have s3x, and [email protected] even if the head has been removed, finds a study from Brazil.
(Decapitation is far from the worst thing that could happen to your junk.)

It can predict how your brain works

Men whose flaccid pen!ses hang to the left—and that's the majority of us—may be "left-brain dominant," suggests research from the journal Human Reproduction.

Due to developmental hormones, left-brain dominance is also tied to right-handedness, a larger right foot than left, and other forms of body asymmetry, the study authors say.

The left brain hemisphere plays a large role in speaking, logic, and mathematical computations. The right brain is big when it comes to spatial and visual information, and pulling context out of a person's words and tone.

So if your d*ck dangles to the left, that could help explain why you're great at algebra but crappy at guessing your girlfriend's mood.

It can [email protected] while limp

While b0ners and [email protected] are usually a package deal, you don't have to be hard to expel s*men, shows a study from California's Oakland Medical Center.

Your pelvic muscles contract when you blow your load. But those muscles aren't directly tied to the processes that make your pen!s er*ct. So while unusual, you can let fly even if you're flaccid, the study authors say.

It can eject s*men up to 8 feet

That's according to a study conducted years ago at the University of Indiana by the famous s3x researcher Alfred Kinsey.

While there's not much new data backing up that finding, one recent study from Weill Cornell Medical College found the force with which you [email protected] corresponds directly with how satisfied you feel about your orga$m.

It smiles during s3x

A study from France looked at the shape of your schlong during s3x. When you and your partner are in the missionary position, your pen!s — including the portion of your shaft inside your body — basically forms a smile-shaped curve.

Why? Because it's happy, of course!

SOURCE: New York Post