Don’t drink green tea for weight loss until you read this...

Green tea drinkers have one thing to celebrate about: this beverage helps in fighting unwanted fats in the body and boosts metabolism as well.

There are plenty of green tea products available, from iced tea to green tea flavored ice cream. You have various choices, but these questions remain: are they all the same? Do they all offer weight loss benefits that will help you shed some pounds?

Luckily, these questions and others related to drinking green tea for weight loss have been answered:

Fresh Green Tea

Although green tea does not go bad, it is always best to consume a fresh tea bag. Once used, make sure you drink it up within six months. An old tea bag can still aid in losing weight, but the antioxidants present will soon diminish.

Brand Matters

There are brands that offer high­quality green tea products and these are more preferred when you truly want to lose weight. The tea leaves used as well as the ingredients matter. Green tea does have numerous health benefits, but remember that it is not complete when it comes to vitamins. In this case, you should look for brands that only use natural ingredients without artificial preservatives.

Green Tea with Other Flavors

There are green tea products that come with other flavors such as cranberry, pomegranate, and the like. These products are generally fine, but it is better to avoid those that have sugar and artificial sweeteners. 

Cold vs Hot Tea

Whether you like it hot or cold, it is the same green tea. However, iced teas are diluted with water. Although the health benefits are still there, you should go for hot tea if you are aiming to get rid of the extra flab. When brewing the tea, do not completely boil the water. Before it comes to a full boil, pour the water over your tea bag and let it cool for at least two minutes.

Green Tea on the Go

If you do not have time to brew tea, just add green tea extract to water. This technique can offer you the same weight loss benefits if you know the right measurement. Ideally, one ml of extract can help you lose weight equivalent to eight to 10 cups of green tea.

Green tea is still unbeaten as the healthiest beverage that exists today. It not only has antioxidants and healthy substances, but also aids in burning fat.