7 tricks men use in dating more than one lady without being caught...

By Janet Machuka::::::::::::::::::::::::::::}

You can never understand why some men cheat. But to them, they do not count it as cheating since most of them know how to handle the situation. I mean handling two ladies in their lives is not a big deal to them.

“I find it such a cool idea having two ladies in my life. Once I am bored with one, I can always lean on the other,” he said as he boldly explained how he does it.

Of course he did not meet the two ladies at the same time. He had one before he could fall for the other one year later.

But the question is, how do men manage things in this kind of relationship?

Saving their full names on his phone

First thing they ensure they do not forget is saving the full names of the two ladies on his phone. This will cut off any suspicion if any of the ladies go through their phones. Most times, such type of men make sure they have deleted each and every conversation they have had on their phones. This is simply done to avoid any scandal happening.

Calling them by one name

When they want to be romantic, they will call you ‘babe’, ‘hun’, 'dear' and not by their names. He continued to explain that there was a time he forgot and called one of the ladies by the name of the other. “She got furious but I explained to her it is because he just had a call from the other lady.”

Why at all should you even have two ladies in your life while you claim you love them both making your life very unbearable?!


“I have been so busy with work. That’s why I have not called you.” Two, three or even four days! Where were you all those 96hours without a text or a call? If you really do know you have someone special in your life, why do you have to 'maltreat' her like that?

Once you get her, you flatter her with words and little actions to calm her down or rather make her feel loved, wanted and cared for. Yet, you have been busy having a secret moment with the other lady.

He always claims he is broke