6 signs which indicate your partner is cheating on you in a relationship...

These signs don’t necessarily guarantee your partner is cheating on you but they can help
guide you if you feel something isn't right.

Here are 6 signs your partner is cheating on you

1.Your partner doesn't feel comfortable talking to anyone on the phone when you are around

If your partner has the habit of answering phone calls away from you, it could signal your partner is cheating.

If your partner has nothing to hide, your partner should feel comfortable talking to anyone on the phone in front of you and not move away from you the moment his/her phone rings.

2. Your partner changes the password on his/her phone frequently

You should have the password to your partner’s phone if your partner has nothing to hide.

Transparency is important in a healthy relationship. If your partner changes his/her password frequently to avoid you having access to his/her phone, chances are your partner is trying to hide something from you.

3. Unexplained expenses

If your partner suddenly starts becoming broke regularly, that could signal your partner is cheating on you.

The unexplained expenses might be due to expenses incurred from his/her other relationship.

4. Your partner suddenly starts paying more attention to his/her physical appearance

This is definitely a tricky one. Just because your partner suddenly starts paying more attention to his/her appearance doesn't mean he/she is cheating.

However, if you notice the change in appearance with any of the signs in the list, chances are that you have a cheating partner.

5. Your partner suddenly starts spending more time on social media

If your partner is spending more time on social media and you have also noticed some of the signs on this list, your partner might just be cheating on you.

Your partner’s social media profile can also reveal a lot too. If your partner only uses solo photos or photos with friends as his/her social media profile and never uses photos of you as a couple, that is definitely a red warning

6. Deletes messages after reading

Your partner should have some explaining to do if he/she deletes messages and chats after reading them. Your partner might just be trying to cover his/her track by deleting those messages after reading them.