6 crazy facts about p0rn that will blow your mind...

#1 'M*I*L*F' is the most popular searched term for p0rn0graphy.

Yes! Per the records currently available online, 'M*I*L*F' is actually the most popular searched term for p0rn0raphy. The second most searched term is 'teen'. Sorry kids.

#2. In any given second, $3,000 is being spent on p0rn online.

Believe it or not, for each passing second, $3,000 gets spent on online p0rn0graphy. Just do the maths for a day and you will understand why this industry has been rated as a multi-billion industry!

And Sundays rank the most popular one (day) of the week on which p0rn is patronised.

#3. Male Compensation

Men can get paid three times as much to do g@y p0rn as opposed to straight p0rn. However, women get paid more for p0rn than men do in general.

#4. World Record

The world record for having s3x with the highest number of s3x partners in a single day goes to Lisa Sparks, an american adu'lt actress who had s3x with 919 men.

Lisa Sparks 6 crazy facts              (Image Above: Lisa Sparks)

#5. Online Now

30 million people are watching p0rn online at any given second. That's right, you're not alone. Hahahaha!

#6. Holidays

Christmas is the least popular day to watch p0rn online. In fact, all major holidays are low p0rn usership days. Why don't people want to watch p0rn under the Christmas tree???

Christmas 6 crazy facts