Unbelievable: the object you see the men lift is just a 5 megabyte hard drive...

Yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you at all because the heavy object you see in the above or below image that the five men carry for shipment is just five (5), and I repeat, a five megabyte hard drive.

This 5 megabyte hard drive --- or the equivalent of 1 song on an iPod, or on your phone (iPhone, Samsung Galaxy etc.) --- was built by the IBM company, and transported in 1956.

5 megabyte hard drive 2Photo above: 5 megabyte hard drive by IBM transported in 1956 

We have indeed come a long way in the world of technology!

The story today is one that is very amazing: now we can easily carry 3 to 7 terabytes of hard drives in our pockets when it had to take about five or more strong men to carry just a five megabyte of that onto a truck for transportation.

The future looks bright for us all. Haven’t we come a long way, folks???

Photo Credit: IBM Company

SOURCE: Bigtimerz.com