It's a Scam: Don't fall victim to this online 'deal' that says earn $300-$3500 in minutes...Please, share to tell a friend

[Source:, Author: George Awiadem Maclean, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]

This online scam is almost everywhere on the internet with people "innocently" falling for it, and hoping to make some "non-existent $300 - $3500 dollars" minimum payout in minutes. Funny, isn’t it?!

They come in different forms with different domains such as;;, and many others.

But the bottom line is that they all seek to do just one thing with a simple ‘Format’ --- and that is to scam you! It is that simple!!!

This fraudulent deal which has been described as the “Nigerian Scam” will scam you to bits!

It is simply time wasting and so, don’t even worry your head over trying to see how it works.
Not convinced yet??? Let’s show you why.


So in nut a shell, you see this link (see the photo above) posted by someone or probably a friend of yours on facebook or google plus or twitter, and because you are “hot” or damn broke, you momentarily get hypnotized by the interesting figures you see on the link, and what it says to do in order to get that cash!

So you click on it, and it redirects you to its destination page or opens in a new tab.

And there, it gets more interesting with the figures and so you “innocently” register with your name and email address to become a member.

online scam and fraud 2Photo: Checkout the details in the red rectangular shape

NOTE: If you want to know how “bogus” this deal is, simply register with any WRONG name and WRONG email address and the ‘system’ will still gladly ‘welcome’ you.

That is it! You instantly get $25 sitting in your so-called ‘account’ which would have to swell to a minimum of $300 before you can cash it out by sharing a given referral link to make others too ‘innocently’ register same on social media. Really???

NOTE: The given referral link you are made to share in order to multiply your money is in fact the same that everybody is made to share except the “ref number” which changes.

Miraculously, you reach the $300 minimum payout and you start salivating because you now have some “free” $300 or more to enjoy from your “hassle”. Wooow! Just like that??? Hahahahaha!

NOTE: For people who are very influential on facebook, it takes them just some few minutes for them to reach the minimum payout of $300.

You get a congratulatory message beneath plus a new link you must click on to unlock your “free” $300+ money. Hurraaaaaaaaaay!

online scam and fraud 3

This new link, when clicked on, only asks you to complete a certain survey with your details. At the end of it, you’re asked to pay a “small” amount of money before you can finally be paid.

online scam and fraud 4


Actually, the link you first clicked on to register, and in return made your friends to click on to do same, is a “WIRED” script with some added Cost Per Acquisition or "Cost Per Action" (CPA) that fetches a tech guru or a 'hacker' sitting in the comfort of his home sipping palm wine, some commission.

The more you share the referral link, the more they get the real CA$H! It is that simple, or???