Do you know why ATM pins have only 4 digits? Read the shocking revelation here...

What ATM means

First of all, ATM is simply an abbreviation or acronym for "Automated Teller Machine (cash machine)", or as a slang word for "At The Moment".

As most of us already know, ATMs are electronic devices which aid us in withdrawing or cashing out our money by using credit cards at anytime and anywhere with little or no human intervention.

The Inventor of ATM

The first ever Automated Teller Machine (ATM) was invented and pioneered by Scottish inventor, John Adrian Sheperd-Barron. He was born in Shillong to Dorothy.

Why ATM machines pin has 4 digit code 2      Photo: ATM inventor John Adrian Sheperd-Barron

Here is why the ATM pin has only 4 digits

After the Scottish inventor, John Adrian Shepherd-Barron, had designed the Automated Teller Machine (ATM), he proposed a 6-digit security pin (Personal Identification Number) for the ATM cards as a security measure.

But the wife of the ATM inventor, Caroline, totally rejected that idea all because she could hardly remember a 6-digit pin.

Caroline felt the 6-digit pin was a long string of numbers for her to remember.

The longest string of numbers Caroline could only remember was a 4-digit pin (Personal Identification Number) hence ATM pin mostly having 4 digits.

But nowadays, and for high security measures, some countries have adopted and instituted more than a 4-digit ATM pin due to cyber theft or internet fraud.

Switzerland for instance uses a 6-digit ATM pin as default for most users.