The Kumasi sekxtape girl bounces back looking prettier, f*cks her haters...

The beautiful 19-year-old SHS graduate, Benedicta Abena Yeboah, popularly known on social media as Nahnah Abynah, who got herself involved in the infamous 'Kumasi sekxtape' with her then boyfriend, Nana Yaw Curtis Luchies, a student of Kumasi Polytechnic, has bounced back strongly looking more beautiful but with the middle finger in the air awaiting all her 'haters'.

After the leak of the infamous 'Kumasi sekxtape' sometime in July, 2014, not much was heard from her except an arrest of her then boyfriend, Luchiez, which was caused by her parents and the boyfriend's subsequent bailout by his former girlfriend, Leticia.

Leticia and Luchiez in the background celebrating after his release                                   Image above: Leticia with Luchiez at the back celebrating after the latter's release from prison cells

Benedicta Abena was later rumoured to have committed suicide as a result of the unbearable moments caused by the leakage of the sekxtape.

But Abynah (correctly spelt as Abena) as she is affectionately called, recently posted a beautiful photo of her with a close pal in a frenzy mood but with the middle finger in the air as if she had the premonition that, the photo which certainly was going to be greeted with great mixed feelings, was going to incur the wrath of her 'haters'.

Benedicta Abena Yeboah 2

Benedicta Abena Yeboah 4

Benedicta Abena Yeboah 6

Benedicta Yeboah, who is said to be a niece of business tycoon, Dr. Osei Kwame Despite, owner and CEO of the Despite Group of Companies (Peace FM, Okay FM, Hello FM etc.), has been told, has been through a lot of counseling by her family members , friends and sympathizers yet chooses to remain indoors for the obvious reason of public humiliation.

Check out screen shots of some of the harshest comments and her response below :

Benedita Abena Yeboah 1

Benedicta Abena Yeboah screen 3

Benedita Abena Yeboah screen 2