Wooow! See beautiful photos of Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah and her ‘twin’ sister | Which one is Jackie?...

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See who we found...the 'real twin’ sister of beautiful Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah...

Wooow! This is just amazing and unbelievable! Sometimes how some people with no blood relations can look like each other as if they're from the same womb or family, can be mind-boggling!

Jackie Appiah is one of Ghana’s finest actresses who is adored, admired, and loved by the many.

In fact, many Ghanaian and Nigerian men, especially, wish she was their wife:) ????

The ‘things we do for love’ actress can literally sleep and relax because she now has her ‘twin’ sister to take her place in the movie industry. Loool

Jackie’s ‘twin’ sister on the other hand is a Ghanaian nurse, a model, and a make-up artist. 

She is known in real life as Regina Nana Ama but uses the alias Lipsy Eyesy on social media. She’s damn hot and beautiful just like her icon and role model, Jackie Appiah.

We can only hope and wish she steps up her game so she can easily become one of the best models or actresses Ghana has ever produced!

It’s as if they’re twins: both of them have beautifully carved and pointed noses, big but sexy eyes?, and the best of all is their kissable lips :):):) ??????

The only difference we can spot between the two is that whilst one is slim, the other has more flesh:)

Do you see or spot any other difference between the two? Share with us here, and let’s get talking in the comments box below!

Okay, just checkout the more beautiful photos of the two placed side by side below and tell us what you think.

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jackie appiah and twin sister lipsy eyesy 2            Photo: Lipsy Eyesy (left), Jackie Appiah (right)

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