Nana Aba: Real and hot African lady (See Photos)...

She is pretty and very beautiful!

And she is that real African lady that every guy would love to date and not hate!!!

Her name is Stephanie Nana Aba Nyeniba and she’s from Ghana. Wait a minute! Her last two names rhymes, too!!

She studied at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) and once worked at the Millionaires Casino.

Just checkout some of her photos below and let us know if you think she is NOT pretty and doesn’t deserve to be here!

Just so you truly know you are not one, you probably can use this as a gay test...hahahahahaha:):):) (Please, don’t mind me for being silly...lolz)

Nana Aba Nyeniba 2

#When Nana Aba decides to give the guys a full view of her ass-ets...looolzzz
Nana Aba Nyeniba 3

Nana Aba Nyeniba 4

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