Meet Miss Portia: The beautiful curvaceous Ghanaian model (See more hot photos)...

Black is indeed strikingly beautiful. No doubt about that!

You can't help but simply admire and appreciate the great features of this beautiful curvaceous Ghanaian/Nigerian model.

She looks very hot, sexy and natural in the #Swimwear Sunday designed by Aya Morrison.

And how about her colourful Kente outfit, beads and the whole photography which was taken care of by YAW PARE on the shores of Ghana?

She goes by the name Portia Gana.

This is how the beautiful Ghanaian model flaunts her "assets" in the swimwear and the colourful Kente fabric.

But before you take a tour of viewing her photos, here is a brief description about Portia Gana:

Name: Portia Elom Gana
Meaning of name: Elom means He loves me
in Ewe, Portia means good judge, strong
leader and great expresser/writer.
Ethnicity: Ewe (pronounced è-vwè)
tribe of West Africa
Country of origin: Ghana and Nigeria
Country of residence: Ghana and Canada
Profession: Model, Writer and Actress
Languages spoken: A few. Fluent English, moderate French, Ewe (mother tongue), Twi (a Ghanaian dialect) and currently learning Swedish and Ukrainian
African dishes/foods: Fεtri Dεtsi, it's an Ewe okra stew usually loaded with seafood. I eat it with everything! Rice, plantain and the more conventional pairing, akplε/banku which is cooked fermented corn dough. I also love Efo Riro, a Nigerian leafy vegetable stew.
Lastly anything Plantain; roasted, fried, boiled, baked, pounded, crisped, I'll devour it. Sorry I love food!
Three words to define Africa: Vibrant, Multicultural and Wealthy.

Just go ahead and feast your eyes on the rest of the beautiful photos of Portia Gana below!

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Portia Gana Curvaceous model 2

Portia Gana Curvaceous model 3

Portia Gana Curvaceous model 4

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