Leaked photos of Former Miss Ghana Stephanie Karikari (see all photos inside)...

This is Stephanie Karikari, the former Miss Ghana who received a lot of bashing from most Ghanaians for not being 'beautiful' enough to wear the most prestigious crown after she had won the 2010 Miss Ghana pageant.

She is an entrepreneur and now a TV Host.

Well, in most of the photos posted below, everything clearly shows she was aware these images were being taken and in some others she, together with her female companion, get furious and supposedly show their displeasure at the one taking the photos.

Anyway, she looks very hot in bikini!

Just have a look and tell us what you think. Was she or was she not aware?

Stephanie Karikari former Miss Ghana 2010 2

Stephanie Karikari former Miss Ghana 2010 go

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