Gwen Masiah (Maame Abena): Her form 'dey be waaa’...

So you think you’ve seen it all of this hot GH Gurl? Okay, wait until you see the rest of the hottest photos of her below.

She’s dope, hot, sexy and has enough ‘flesh’ to show as an African Gurl!

She is known on social media as Theodora Talata Masiah or Maame Abena but currently, she uses the name Gwen Talata.

She is liked and loved by many especially the guys who love to see her show some of her ass-ets as an African Gurl!

Averagely, she gets about 700 likes on just an upload of a new photo she is seen showing how powerful her ‘form’ is!

As you are about to see in the next batch of photos posted below, she’s one hard Gurl who loves to smoke the ‘Shisha’ to excite herself or for reasons best known to herself!

Theordora Talata Masiah 2

Theordora Talata Masiah 3

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