Check out the hot and sizzling photos of Cynthia Morgan (Photos)...

The Nigerian songwriter and songstress, Cynthia Morgan, who does a fusion of hip hop, Dancehall and Pop Music is one of the most sought-after artistes on the continent.

And she’s very daring; says her mind anytime she wants.

Recently, and according to, she plainly told all her critics of her revealing outfits that they are uncivilized or villagers.

She wrote: "My dress sense is me. That's why I am Cynthia Morgan, you all should go join up real soon just like me and my nose ring legion now.

"So keep your bloodclaat very uncivilized comments already. I can even decide to tie wrapper to the club. So get it straight 'Na me the star girl,' love you all meanwhile, the jacket is a mos-chino."

Checkout some of her hot pics below:

Cynthia Morgan sizzling photos 3

Cynthia Morgan sizzling photos 6

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